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Unfortunately, the health care system of today is creating a generation of people who are dependent on dangerous prescription drugs to treat their symptoms and other diseases. Numerous studies have demonstrated that plasters can only weaken the body’s immune system and bio-energetic field.

The quality and length of your life will depend on how healthy you are. However, many people today are misled or confused about their natural healing abilities and are unaware of what to do to protect their 4 pillars.

1st Pillar for Health:

Our aura or external bio-energetic energy field is the 1st pillar to our health. It is crucial for our overall well-being. This energy field is similar to the bio-energy that surrounds earth as a natural defense against outside forces and invaders.

With the rapid advancement of the computer age, which includes the bombardment with electronic gadgets, cellphones, iphones, and many other electronic toys, studies show that our magnetic external protection is continuing to weaken. This allows foreign elements to continuously attack and penetrate the body. We must strengthen and protect our natural external defense to ensure that we are always healthy.

2nd Pillar for Health:

Our immune system is the second pillar of our health. The immune system was built to protect our body against all diseases and foreign invaders. These can severely impact our health and wellness, which is our goal to be healthy every day.

The irony in regards to our immune system as well as the sick care system that pretends to be our healthcare system is that the most popular methods of sick care treatment actually do more harm than good to our natural immune system.

The immune system is composed of several stages and protective agents. A variety of agents are available, including T-cells and B-cells as well as Killer cells and TH1-TH2 cells. Cytotoxic T-cells and suppressor T-cells are just a few examples. Each of these agents was created naturally to help maintain the body’s health and wellbeing by improving our 4 pillars.

The 3rd Pillar for Health

Our body pH balance is the 3rd pillar to health and well-being. Your body’s pH balance should be at an alkaline level between 7.356 and 7.756 to be considered healthy. Below 7 is where most sick and diseased bodies live. The more acidic the body is, the higher the chance of it becoming diseased.

The pH balance of the body is naturally alkaline, with a range of 7.356 to 7.356. Since birth, our pH balance range is alkaline. Our pH balance drops as we grow older and become more acidic.

The 4th Pillar for Health

Lifestyle is the 4th pillar towards health. It is important to engage in regular, moderate, but not excessive, exercise. We need to reduce our intake of toxins, carcinogens and stress chemicals, as well as any other drugs or chemicals that could compromise our immune systems.

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The 4 pillars that are essential to maintaining optimal health and wellbeing have been shown to be crucial. There are natural, positive ways to protect the body from the outside.

The constant bombardment of computer screens and other electronic devices on our amazing bio-energetic fields or auras is constantly a threat to our ability to be fully present in the world. To prevent pH imbalances in the body, we cannot help but eat the right foods. We must also be aware of the urgent need to protect our immune systems by limiting or eliminating all carcinogens.

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